Published: 01-10-2018
Athleisure Wear is Making Fashion Fit - by guest blogger Kelsey Davis - Lux Authority

It shouldn't really be a surprise that fitness would carve out a foothold in the fashion world. People like to look good, no matter what they are doing. That's why both men and women, going to the gym or going out for their daily bike ride or run, will spend lots of money and time to make sure they are wearing just the right things and that their hair (that will undoubtedly get messed up) looks amazing at the beginning of the activity. However, why should people that spend so much time getting fitness wear that looks amazing be limited to using those items only for workouts?


Of course, we know that it is not so limited. Anyone that looks around has noticed that in recent decades people are wearing their active wear when they are not so... active. Yoga pants may be form fitting and breathable in exercise; however, they are also very comfortable for wear around the house or out of the house. Similarly, shorts and t-shirts worn at the court are also non-binding wear for leisure wear, as well. I have been known to spend many a night using my workout wear for after work wear or even bedtime wear, when I am just kicking it around my crib.


However, that is not where fitness wear ends. Indeed, it has exploded into a mega magnificent industry, both in the fashion world and in the fitness magazines. You can barely go two pages into any yoga or running magazine, without seeing the newest products being rated, displayed, compared, and sold. Models are known for fitness, and they have social media profiles and runway walks for their materials. There are many bloggers that have build their entire web presence around the fashion niche, and they are booming with followers and views.


Yet, it isn't just fitness fashion models that are wearing the clothes, it is ballerinas, fitness professionals, amateur yogis, teachers, accountants, service professionals, and average moms and dads. It seems that everyone is getting into the act. It's like ... look at the cute pants I found or check out my new jersey. Everyone does it, and the fitness companies have woke up to the reality. Everything from Stellasstyle activewear to Fitbits are coming colorful and fashionably designed. You can even get your fitbit in a necklace, now. It says I am fit, but it also says check out my new bling.


Of course, just because some are wearing the wear, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are working out, and there is some truth to mocking those that wear it but don't do it. I can wear a Porsche hat, but it doesn't mean that I have one or even know how to drive. However, isn't that a reality that we all are willing participants in promoting?


We have all been wearing tennis shoes for a long time, but how many of us play tennis? What about professional attire that is worn for pictures out of the office or when you want to be seen as serious. Berets are worn by those that have never been to France, and guys that have never set foot outside of their country love to chug down a good German beer or bratwurst for Oktoberfest.


The truth is that we all pretend a little, and we like to adopt certain styles to project an image about ourselves that we want others to see. It may not indicate where we are from or what we are currently doing, but it says something that we want others to know about ourselves. So, what is wrong with sending the message that praises the attainment of bodily improvement or just says someone likes to live more relaxed than the uniform of their workday?


Athleisure wear has a long history of non-declared use by all kinds of people, and it is finally receiving the recognition by publications and designers that it deserves, producing the hottest styles and flexible features that we all have wanted. So, bring it on, activewear makers and media. As it explodes, I can't wait to see where we are going.



About Kelsey Davis

Kelsey is the Managing Editor at The Lux Authority and is trying to balance both her budget and her credit card balance. She likes to live lavish and treat herself when the opportunity allows it. She loves the newest tech, old cars, the smell of rich mahogany, and leather-bound books as well! When she isn't working, Kelsey is an avid academic, artist, stargazer, blogger, and yoga enthusiast.


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